The first ride sharing service specifically designed for people requiring wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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About Moovmo


“Join the movement, create access, and explore your world.”


For Riders

Rider Benefits

  • Upfront and affordable fares
  • 24/7 Service
  • On-demand, dedicated, or scheduled rides
  • Vetted and trained Drivers
  • Regularly inspected vehicles

“As a lawyer, mom, wife, and wheelchair user my days are busy and getting from point A to point B safely and easily is a priority.  Ride share platforms which provide simple and easy transportation for most, have unfortunately excluded the disability community, literally leaving us on the side of the road.  That’s why Moovmo is so needed and will change the way people with different needs can be more integrated in the community.  Having an app where my needs can be communicated, and a ride can be seemlessly provided is life changing!  Thank you!” 

Kelley S.
Attorney, Disability Advocate
Washington D.C.


“I think this is going to be great. Its going to change a lot of peoples’ lives, and its going to change my life. Just because you’re in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to do what you want to do. Moovmo is going to help a lot of people do that.”


Andre U.
Office Assistant
Birmingham, Alabama

Driver Benefits

We Leave no one behind !

  • Earn extra income
  • Create your own schedule
  • Verified Riders
  • Support an underserved population